An active and export-oriented industry needs an efficient trade association full of initiative to take care of the interests of its members. Today Flora Dania is proud to represent a number of members that corresponds to 80-90 % of the total Danish production and marketing of pot plants.

Since 1st. January 2019 Flora Dania became a Sector under Danish Horticulture (Dansk Gartneri)


The primary circle of members are producers and exporters of ornamental plants. In addition to that suppliers to the industry can be admitted as business members.


The primary members of the association are:
– Danish producers of pot plants
– Danish sales and export companies which deal with ornamental plants on their own account.

The primary members can benefit from all the above services either for free or at a very favourable price.


To a very limited extent or usually against special payment, the business members of the association can benefit from the services of the association. Besides, they receive a number of information on the industry which can prove very useful in terms of the suppliers’ work with their customers (within the industry).

Moreover, the business members have the possibility to participate in a number of events arranged by the association.


The membership subscription, which is charged four times a year, consists of a basis subscription fee and a variable subscription fee. As to the producer members the variable subscription fee depends on the production area whereas, in connection with the sales and export companies, the variable subscription fee depends on the turnover of the company in question.

Business members pay a fixed, annually subscription fee.

Do not hesitate to contact us, if you want detailed information on subscription rates.


The Terms and Conditions including Appendices 1 to 9 come into force on 1 January 2013 and replace the previous applicable version of same and are valid for all sales companies and growers which are members of the association:

Terms and Conditions for the delivery of potted plants from Danish nurseries
Appendix 1 (Clause 1): Special terms and conditions of trade in young plants
Appendix 2 (Clause 2): Transition to net prices
Appendix 3 (Clause 5): Standard Sales Agreement
Appendix 4 (Clause 7): Possible penalties in the event of delayed delivery
Appendix 5 (Clause 9): Container agreement
Appendix 6 (Clause 10): Documentation of transport conditions
Appendix 7 (Clause 10): Rules regarding the practical handling of complaints as well as complaints form
Appendix 8 (Clause 11): List of approved experts
Appendix 9 (Clause 14): Product liability insurance